英语谚语故事 分定不争

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英语谚语故事 分定不争,当你没有名分的时候,谁都可以追你,而当你有了名分,有了所有权,就要专属于某人啦。
英语谚语故事 分定不争
英语谚语故事 分定不争:
A wild hare was running in the field and behind it more than a hundred people were chasing it.
It was not because that the hare could be divided into a hundred portions but the ownership of the hare was not decided1.
When a lot of hares were piled in the market, the passers -- by would not even loot at them. It was not because that people did not want to get them, but those hares already had their owner, and the ownership had been decided. As far as the administration of a country is concerned, the key is to make laws and regulations, establish clear ownership.
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