英语谚语故事 事事如意

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英语谚语故事 事事如意,当一个人让你事事如意,不代表他就是对你真心好的。本文由泡土豪群发红包微信号编辑收集整理,希望大家喜欢!
英语谚语故事 事事如意
英语谚语故事 事事如意:
James and John were good friends. For many years, James has had complete trust in John.
At the beginning, James invited John to manage his housekeeping, and when he was serving as a governor, he invited John to assist him with his business. Because James trusted John completely, he kept nothing from him.
James did not realize how despicable John was until John usurped1 all his property, which James dared not disclose, considering that John had gotten told of his demerits. The depressed2 James came to the Cheng Huang Temple, having no alternative, to vent3 his anger, and accused John for his wrongdoing.
At night, James dreamed that Cheng Huang asked him why he trusted John so much he thought for a long time, and replied, "Because he can make everything go as I have wished." Cheng Huang said, "Such a man is the most dangerous! You do not fear him but like him, making you the best choice for him to deceive?"
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