英语寓言故事 珥亡耳存

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英语寓言故事 珥亡耳存,有些东西丢了没什么,身外之物都不是最重要的,要清楚什么是对自己来说最重要的东西。
英语寓言故事 珥亡耳存
英语寓言故事 珥亡耳存:
An old woman heard that the young lady living next door had lost her earrings2, and went to comfort her.
The lady said light heartedly "It doesn't matter that the earrings are lost, for as long as the ears exist, there is nothing to regret."
The puzzled old woman asked, "Isn't your earring1 made of jade3? It is costly4! So costly a thing is lost, don't you regret it?" to which she replied, "Ears are valuable, not because they are adorned5 with earrings but because they have the ability to hear. To ears, it does not add or decrease anything, whether earring exists or not."
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